Bwiti Iboga Retreat in Bancroft, Ontario


August 13- August 19 with Michael- FULL

August 23- August 29 with Michael - FULL

November 5th-12th with Lilla and Greg

December 10th-17th with Lilla and Greg



January 7th-15th (I.A.M. retreat) with Michael and Dan

January with Michael 21th-28th

Feb with Michael 4th-11th

Feb with Michael18th-25th


Our centre, located on ten acres of forest,  is a place for people to safely and comfortably unplug, get grounded, and with the assistance of Iboga, tune into our relationship with self, and the truth of who we really are.

For a fresh start, hit The Reset Button

For Full Body, Mind, & Spirit Rejuvenation

To Re-Connect With Your Authentic Self

And Rewire Your Mind to Let Go of Old Habits that No Longer Serve You

To Take Back Your Life & Make it Your Own

All While Being Supported By Healers and Coaches From When You Sign Up & While Integrating Back at Home

Your Journey

Our retreats in Ontario are 6-night, 7-day programs which involve two traditional psycho-spiritual ceremonies with the full Iboga root bark.  These sessions are focused on psycho-spiritual healing and growth.  

People attend these sessions for self-exploration, spiritual growth, healing trauma, navigating crossroads in life, getting clarity, soul integration.  Although we do not offer medical detoxes for substance abuse at these retreats, we can help people who are ready to change self-defeating habits and choose a better lifestyle.  Please contact us and complete an intake questionnaire to determine if you are a good fit to attend this retreat.

The Samadhi Center

samadhi centre-Interior

The Samadhi Center is located in a very quiet corner of Ontario, just south of Algonquin park, nestled among several hundred acres of beautiful forest and bordered by the Little Mississippi River. We are very conscious of the beneficial effects of being in nature and have made sustainable operations our priority. To this end, the Samadhi Center building is an off-grid solar powered building with a geodesic growing dome on site. The synergies between the natural environment and the meditation retreats we hold helps to connect participants with their inner stillness.

Organic Meals, Sound Therapy & Sacred Land

To best support your pre ceremony preparation and post ceremony integration:

  • Sacred, Private Land to explore
  • Small groups with lots of one-on-one support
  • Breathwork sessions
  • Geodesic Dome: Organic Vegetables Grown Fresh!
  • Cozy areas to rest, reflect, and connect
  • Nutritious, whole-food meals

Library and Common Area

**no obligation with application, see if you're the right fit!

Why Choose Bwiti Healing

bwiti men healing iboga ceremony

Michael Dancing Eagle

Michael Cassidy is the lead facilitator for our Ontario retreats.  He has a decade of training and full-time experience, facilitating Iboga healing sessions.  He works with multiple support staff to provide you with care and support you need.


Menu: Clean, Whole-Foods-based & Customizable

We provide nourishing meals and beverages throughout the retreat.

We can customize our menu to meet your unique nutritional requirements.

Vegan & Gluten Free Deliciousness

**no obligation with application, see if you're the right fit!

Our Happy Guests

Enlightening and profound search of my inner self, this is how i describe my bwiti experience. My only regret is discovering this wonderful medicine so late in life. Micheal is an amazing spiritual leader. Whether its through the power of ceremony, or whether its him helping decipher your own personal journey. Entering onto this path, do so of your own free will, and without expectations, clear your mind and the medicine will take you where you need to go to find true inner healing..
-Brian Johnson

This has been such an amazing home-coming for me. What a relief, given a long and torturous journey! Now I am not only grounded and centred but also have the tools to navigate and maintain this path. All this was facilitated by this wonderful, superbly-informed and experienced man, Michael, who genuinely cares, understands the minutia of inner processes, and has been consistently supportive and available. Michael provided a top notch service throughout this whole process, from the first phone conversation through to the follow up; very professional and safe. Feeling lucky and grateful.
-S. L.

Life changing! Participating in ceremony felt like hitting the reset button on my whole being and my life. It completely healed me of the fibromyalgia I had been suffering from. Ceremony with Michael was so fun and felt completely safe. His nurturing character left me feeling like a spoiled little baby! Can't wait for the next one!

What an amazing spiritual journey! After only a week, I feel like a new woman and ready to take on life with all of its wonderful surprises! Michael's gift for storytelling provided us with the guidance that set the tone for the weeks' journey, and his team ensured that we were provided with everything we needed; wonderful lodging, amazing organic vegan food, and someone to talk whenever needed. I am a spiritual person and it was important to me to honour the Bwiti traditions and teachings, which Michael did honourably and naturally. I can honestly say my whole outlook on life has changed in only one week and I can already see the positive change manifesting in my day-to-day life. So if you too are looking to make a positive change in your life and to do this type of journey, look no further because you've found the best.

You Are Ready For Total Freedom

Let Iboga teach you and lead you to spiritual freedom. Submit your application to speak with a Bwiti Healing Team member now to see if Iboga is right for you- no committments necessary.