Iboga (Tabernathe Iboga), is a perennial shrub native to equatorial Central West Africa.  The bark of its root  has been used as a natural plant medicine for thousands upon thousands of years by indigenous peoples of the region.  It is regarded as a sacred sacrament of those who practice a tradition known as Bwiti. Iboga is used in various ceremonial contexts, such as initiations, spiritual healings, physical healings, and for assisting those afflicted with emotional and mental conditions

Iboga is so highly valued it has been declared a National Treasure by the government of Gabon.

Recently the use of Iboga has spread outside of the African continent, and is being used for treatment and healing in various settings around the world.  Since spreading to the West, it is now gaining more attention with a derivative alkaloid, Ibogaine, used primarily in successful and sustained interruption of addictive patterns of behaviour.

However, Iboga and its derivative are also known to have a wide and holistic range of other benefits, including, but not limited to:

Full body cellular Detoxification
Chemical detoxification
Improve neuroplasticity
Increase physical strength and endurance
Decalcification of the Pineal gland

Resets neurotransmitters of brains
Mental detox of negative thoughts
Helps in healing past trauma
Assists in calming of anxious patterns
Promotes clarity and peace of mind
Alleviates worry and stress

Increase emotional strength and security
Grounding and centering
Releasing unhealthy attachments
Interrupting vicious cycles and negative feedback loops

Spiritual cleansing
Ancestral healing
Connecting with your True Self/Soul
Releasing unhealthy ties/attachments
Third eye opening
Assists in self discovery