"I came to iboga because I needed help processing my grief after losing a loved one. Some months prior, several friends had spoken about their experiences with iboga, and after my loved one passed, I started looking for providers. I found Michael, after an extensive search, and everything fell into place. During our first phone call, I felt completely at ease. Michael radiates warmth and compassion and is both knowledgable and accessible - things I highly value in a guide.
Once at the retreat, I felt completely safe and supported. It was wonderful meeting other seekers also on their unique journeys. The space was beautiful and inspiring. The food was delicious. Michael was a beacon of light throughout the process. My ceremonies were profound and transformative. In my first ceremony, I spent the night fighting myself and it took a few days for me to realize just how much emotional negativity I had to purge from my life. I went into my second ceremony feeling renewed, open, and ready for the medicine to show me what I needed see, which it indeed did and there is still so much to learn. Months later I am still integrating the magic.
The ceremonies were amazing, yes, but even more beautiful and amazing is what happens after you return home: You realize that you are not the same person anymore in the best ways possible. I could not be more grateful for Michael's many kindnesses before, during, and after the process. I would recommend iboga for healing, and Michael as a provider/guide without hesitation. In fact, I plan to go to Gabon with him on his summer trip.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Kristen B.

The Iboga Spirit is One. This is a dream-miracle. Trust the root. Follow the Wood.

Blue Star

Entering retreat with Michael and the family assisted me in remembering the importance of family, laughter, and acknowledgement of being. When you enter through the gate at The Living Centre you’re immediately welcomed with a palpable energy of warmth and acceptance. Michael, Sherry, Erika, and Jonathan are so natural in the way they convey healing through presence because they’ve done the work to be themselves and to be themselves well. These sisters and brothers of mine maintained heart-filled curiosity with me to facilitate my journey of forgiveness. I was carrying around some baggage from an abusive relationship and just needed to let it go. Additionally, I was caught up in the anxiety-ridden flight mode that is often a product of modern culture.

What I find so nourishing about my time at The Life Centre is that ceremony was preceded with integral spiritual mentorship from Michael and the healers. We sat as family. I felt that I was seen, cherished, and sometimes noticed for aspects of my truth that weren’t yet apparent to me. The days prior to ceremony were laden in storytelling, Missoko Bwiti practice-sharing, and on my end, vulnerable admissions of certain ails that were weighing me down psychologically. I am proud to say that most of the healing I received was in the days prior to eating Iboga, and then the medicine affirmed the values and principles of Bwiti that the Living Centre family gently but firmly shared with me.

If you come to this beautiful centre in Mexico, you will be blessed with Iboga Providers who stand in confidence and administer medicine through consistent presence, listening, and care that helps YOU transform YOUR mind. I wake up every morning now, thank God for the exciting new day that is a gift, and tell them, “I’ve got the rest.”

Ps: It was an honour to journey with Michael’s sister, Cyndy Cassidy, who shared and encouraged me to be playful and a little bit sassy 😉


I have to write to you guys because what you are doing is sacred.
My partner attended the August retreat (2018), and his life has changed 180 degrees thanks to you.
Firstly, more than a couple of retreats declined his application because of his Narcolepsy. To be honest, I find it ignorant and disappointing.
It is hard to describe in words how appreciative I am that you guys took the challenge, while understanding what Narcolepsy is and what a great opportunity to change a life you have here.
He attended this retreat as his last resort, after more than 10 years of night horrors, less than 5 nights of good sleep a month (!!!!), over 150mg of Ritalin a day in the past 6 years !  He returned home knowing that he will never take Ritalin again, and so it was. 5 months later, not a single pill. He is sleeping full nights, like a normal person, in normal hours. He does still have some days where he is more tired and needs a nap, but most days he is just like every other normal person with no sleeping disorder.
To us, this is a miracle.
If there is any place where we can share a review that can help promote this retreat, please let us know, we would love to share this.

- Shelby K. Testimonial
- Shelby K.

I attended at the Bwiti Healing course on December 10, 2018. I had no idea what to expect, and although I had ingested Iboga before, I was uncertain of working with Michael DancingEagle. In fact, I told him I didn’t want to take the course, thinking that it’s not going to be any different than other Iboga sessions I had had in the past. How could it be? The wood is an extremely powerful medicine from Gabon, Central West Africa, and what could be made of it? How could I stomach the possibility again, knowing what I had gone through before, and I certainly didn’t want to retrace my steps? The whole point of spiritual work is to move forward, isn’t it? It’s to evolve and gain understandings, to discover and ascertain meaning within one’s life—and to move forward with grace…always moving forward. In my late 20s, I remember meeting a man of spiritual alliance at a health conference. He told me about the difficulties of the spiritual path, since I was describing how hard life had been for me. He looked at me and said, “No one said it was going to be easy.” I was startled. Why not? Why wasn’t it easier, more enjoyable—less stress filled with anxiety, anguish and doubt? For that matter, I was committed to evolving, to burning the seed of karma in the fire of knowledge, so why wasn’t the Creator providing penance, giving me a break? Why wasn’t the journey filled with bliss? Needless to say, I wasn’t sure how to respond, except that I was dissatisfied with the answers provided by the status quo, so I began searching. I began at a young age, and the intricacy of working through issues within my family and self has been extraordinary, expanding the consciousness of understanding, which eventually led me to the wood. Insofar as I was “experienced” in the process of ingesting psychedelics of various characteristics and powers, I attempted to drop any expectations, short of superfluous anxieties and concerns I envisioned prior to this work. The trip, I speculated, would do it—source the contested trauma held in my chest and dissolve it—could resolve the complexity of my horrid upbringing, growing up in an abusive family, and allow me to transcend the inner conflict that I grovelled with each day—would at least give me the power to relieve the animosity I felt towards myself and others. I might even have fun, share a few laughs and make a new friend. If anything, the blessing of being alive could provide an opportunity to touch others in love, in the delicacy of feeling connected, in intimate moments of laughter, not feeling subjected to the angst of being raped at a young age, turned inside out and stripped to the bone of inner joy. To that extent, the design of the course was brilliant. It was so different from anything I had participated in, in the past…so fresh and reassuring that as the course progressed, it was clear that Michael had given the components of this specific course a great deal of thought. It was also evident that he holds formidable respect for working with this sacred medicine, and to holding people’s fears and distresses to heart, so to dissolve the anxieties that one feels subjected to, in the battle of one’s mind. Michael is a man of specific intelligence and prowess and is committed to alleviating the distresses of those engaged, of the issues that inflict Westerners today. In short and ecstatic glimpses, the weeklong course gave an intense opportunity of being with truer aspects of myself—and how often does one sit within one’s consciousness and observe its power and expansiveness moving throughout one’s universe? That might seem odd, frightening, or even plain boring, but the stillness of feeling connected was phenomenal, and the anguish of separateness diminished to null. I was latent upon an existential grace that I hadn’t experienced before, and to refuse it would have been pure idiocy. In retrospect, Iboga offers an opportunity to penetrate the stubbornness and aversion to facing oneself: it stirs the unfathomable depths of self and allows one to observe the complexity of issues within, breaking them down into simpler formats so that a clarity arises that wasn’t permissible in the past. Then one has a chance to act on subtler levels of thought, in order to rectify the ambiguity and doubt that plagued one so arduously in the past. You will awake the next day and quite possibly the anxiety and displeasure, the intensity of feeling torn inside out, may have shifted, and one then has the chance to be playful in the field of magic. In short Iboga holds within itself the awareness and simplicity of being alive. On a final note, Michael’s staff was incredible: the intake process was thorough, and one understands that attention is given to finer details. The support during the course was guided with care and manifold opportunities existed to discuss concerns. Even the food was prepared with an aesthetic approach that allowed the wood to traverse any obstructions with divine providence. After course care is available and certainly suggested, in order to support and process the finer details of the wood’s ongoing presence. If I am to consider the intricacy of coming to this course, at this time in my life, I am grateful for Michael’s vision to receive the rare opportunity of his instruction and guidance. On that note, give into the power of the medicine, and enjoy the perplexity of the Bwiti tribal music, which in itself connects one to a deeper sensation of Self, and no greater bliss arises than the thankfulness of being loved and alive.


Having experienced iboga in the past, I can confidently say that Michael’s retreat is the best. Michael is a very experienced and dedicated healer with an amazing team. He gives 100% throughout and is truly doing this to help others have the best life possible.Every part of the retreat is well thought out. During the retreat, we had delicious vegan food prepared by a top-notch chef, and visited an outdoor spa. He takes safety seriously and a nurse is there for every ceremony. These elements really added to the healingexperience. What also sets Michael apart is the post-retreat integration counseling he provides. This is very important after an experience like iboga, ensuring that the support doesn’t stop once the retreat ends. Michael also shared many valuable insightsduring the retreat and taught us some great grounding practices that can be implemented in daily life. Michael truly cares about his participants and this is evident in every aspect of the retreat. If you are serious about doing iboga, this is the place to go.

My name is Tia. I’m 39 years young. I’ve been consciously and deliberately on my spiritual journey for around 10 years. Before that I lived a relatively traumatic life from very early childhood through my teenage and into my adult years. Everything from physical, sexual, emotional, mental abuse. Had more than my fair share of drug and alcohol use and abuse. Alcoholism runs in my family. A wide variety of self-destructive behaviors. Including but not limited to participating in abusive relationships for long periods of time. At 17 I became a mother and my son was witness to a lot of those behaviors, despite my trying to hide it. Fast forward to my late 20’s. I looked at my life and said to myself “is this it? Is this what life is supposed to be? Is this all that life has to offer?” And so the deliberate spiritual portion of life began. I quit the drinking and the drugs, started with diet exercise, therapy (2-5 hours per week for 2 1/2 years) therapist said I was good and no longer needed therapy, but I still felt empty. This can’t be all that life has for me I said again. 2 years pasted I spiraled into depression. Then one day the Ayahuasca plant medicine just appeared on my front door step, literally! I didn’t even know anything about it but my soul knew it was my only hope, so I jumped on the opportunity, because the one thing I did know was that people had to fly to different countries to have this experience and I didn’t have to go anywhere, it came right to me. And boy did I need it’s help. It was the biggest blessing I had ever received at that point in my life next to my son. A month later I was drinking medicine in a church bi-weekly, and that continued for the next six years. I participated in so many ceremonies that it became a way of life for me. Many other plant medicines also came to me through this process. I participated in every plant medicine that came my way. I was seeking complete and total healing, mind body and spirt, and I was will to do anything or so I thought. Through it I learned so much it would take me years to put it on paper. Then in January of 2018 a friend of mine started to talk about an Iboga ceremony he wanted to participate in. I had heard of it but I had some fear the first few times it came up, and i had not ever come close enough to it for it to actually be a possibility at this point. By February he called me the day after his first Iboga ceremony and said “You have to do this!” Then the fear showed up LOL I had every excuse why it wasn’t possible for me but he eliminated all of them including the excuse of where the money was going to come from to make it happen. “I pay, you pay me back whenever.” He said. Right then I knew I had to go. Over the next three months I could feel the fear and the excitement the wonder grow and pressurize until I felt like I might actually burst at the seams. The night came and I entered the first ceremony with all of my feelings even the fear, and it was vastly different compared to what I had experienced with other plant medicines. All of the memories/visions I saw, I had totally forgotten about years ago. I fooled myself into believing so many things about what this experience would be but I was pleasantly surprised by what it actually was. A gentle giant as Sherry put it. It showed me the truth, the ways I was lying to myself even still, though I had thought I had worked through much of this already with other medicines. After the ceremony was over my soul spoke to me. Saying in a whisper “Hey! You are free!” I knew it was the truth. Free from all of the things that held me back, free from everything I held onto so tightly for so long that didn’t serve me. The days after I had no more “mindmare” you know the cyclical negative thoughts emotions and worry. It was all just...gone. I sat in silence and in awe. Then before the second ceremony began, the medicine was still working with me and it started to show me how to truly let go. Let go of the things that I was holding so tightly to for so long that weren’t serving but I just didn’t know how. It showed me how sick holding onto that stuff makes us. It showed me how I had demonstrated how to hold on for my own child. And then it even showed me how to teach him how to let things go now. I did my second ceremony. It was harder this time. But it was exactly what I needed. I was able to see my soul and connect with my soul in a way that I have never been able to before. I had difficulty because it was hard for me to believe that what was happening was real, facing my own doubt. Even though I had already seen so many “unbelievable” things with plant medicines. This was a whole new level of having to get out of my own damn way. This is why when people ask Michael “Is it real or am I making it up in my head?” He replies “Yes” LoL Michael’s guidance through these sessions (before during and after) was the most helpful blessing I could have asked for. I could not have received the miraculous healing that I received, without him. And it IS Miraculous!!! Before I left for this trip I saw my acupuncturist. He rates physical health issues on a scale of 0 to 5. All of my numbers were at about a 2-2 1/2, which is considered moderate or borderline full blown manifestation of disease. When I got home I waited about three weeks to go back and see him. And when I did, he was absolutely beside himself!!! Every single one of my numbers have dropped to a 1 or lower. The acupuncturist said to me, “ what did you do?” I told him. Then he said, “ I’ve been practicing acupuncture for almost 30 years. And this has never happened. The only way a person can achieve what you’ve achieved, is by having a change in spirit/soul. And in 30 years I’ve never seen it done, until now.” I’d like to add that this man is not your average acupuncturist he was trained in China and is held in high regard by his colleagues and peers all over the world due to his healing capabilities. The man is a master level healer. Though he would say he’s not a master. Lol I have never had a plant medicine do what the Iboga medicine has done for me. And when you consider the fact that I’ve done hundreds of plant medicine ceremonies, I’m no novice. With the help of the Iboga medicine, Michael, and his beautiful team of souls both on this plain there working with him, across the globe, and across the veil, I was able to receive the most monumental miracle I have ever received in my life! This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! I wish I had better words to really convey how incredible that week was for me, both during the week and the months following it. I did not even know or understand the depth of how healing it was for a few weeks afterwards. And In the interest of transparency, I don’t know if even now I understand the full gravity of its capability and what its done for me even today. But I am in appreciation and gratitude forever and always! The love and care I received from Michael and his team that week was AMAZING!!! Great food, beautiful scenery, comfy beds, wildlife, and the best company a girl could ask for! Thank you to everyone that was there that week April,23,2018 to April,29,2018!!! I love love love each and everyone of you!!! They say that you haven’t lived until you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you. Well that’s what all of you did for me!!! Eternally appreciative and grateful!!!


It’s been two months since I did iboga and it’s taken me about that long to organize my thoughts and articulate my experience since the retreat. I left for my retreat with bwiti healing several months away from completing construction and opening a bar. A project I had been working on for almost two years with no major problems, and a girlfriend I had been dating for a short time and had no clear vision about my feelings for her or our future. Since returning from my retreat, my bar opening has been delayed and it’s been an uphill battle. I’ve also had to face some very serious realities about my relationship. I’ve moved though these two months with a smile on my face. I’ve had control of my emotions and thoughts in a way I never thought possible. I’ve gotten clear about my past and my future. I’ve grown more in love with my girlfriend than I ever thought possible and asked her to marry me this week. Michael and the entire bwiti healing crew are magical. This medicine showed me an easier path. One of least resistance and maximum happiness. Everyone needs this medicine no matter where they’re at in life They helped me change the way I saw things and opened me up to a world of happiness and magic I didn’t know existed.


Feeling so good emotionally and physically, Iboga is transformative ?
It is not only a power booster to spiritual awakening but a gift of rejuvenation and wellbeing.

Antonia F.

Iboga has helped me exponentially to see and deeply realize TRUTH about myself. Before I came to Bwiti Healing I was having panic attacks, waking with extreme anxiety every morning, depressed, and feeling incredibly stuck and hopeless, mired in old trauma. Now my life isn't by any means perfect, but I can see and feel the beauty and joy of each day, even the challenging ones; I am connected to myself, to my soul, again. I feel so much more ME. WOW. The Bwiti Healing team was caring, compassionate, personable, knowledgable, accessible, and down to earth--with senses of humor. Michael is, quite simply, WONDERFUL. He is an amazing healer and an incredibly skilled guide. He is very knowledgeable about general spirituality and Bwiti tradition, as well as being well versed in Native American traditions, Zen, etc. He is the Real Deal, a sweetly goofy wise man, shamanic trickster-healer... and he really, genuinely cares--and that shines through all that he does. He gives 100 percent. If I could, I would do Iboga with Michael every year! For anyone thinking of doing this, I would say if this plant medicine is calling you, don't hesitate--go to Bwiti Healing. I don't see how you could be sorry, there is so incredibly much to be gained through this medicine and this team of healers.


Throughout my experience of life I have found many different ways of life to live by, many teachers and teachings about what it is to be human, and self developement educations done with incredible leaders, as well as my own deep explorations. I found the bwiti tradition to be aligned with the highest understandings of myself, of life, and what it is to be a human on earth. This paticular healing experience thus far in my life was indeed the most powerful and impactful one I have yet to have. I find the holistic approach to be why this healing is so successful for myself and the others that were present. If someone suffers from physical ailments, that will be targeted during the healing. If their thoughts and mind are of pain and/or suffering, that will be targeted during the healing. If someone has lost the spirit of life, the spark, the want to sing and dance, then this healing will target the cause. The holistic approach heals all of us and intelligently focuses on the aspect or aspects that are at the root. Michael, the leader of the ceremony, has been one of the most intuitive and compassionate people I have ever met. I was also impressed with the after care provided by him as anyone that has done transformational work knows that the integration back into life can be challenging. Thank you so very much for all you have done for me and for all that you have assisted in their healing and transformations! AMAZING!

Jonathan Scott

Michael has helped me heal and grow in immense ways. Having worked with him for a couple of years, I am grateful for his extensive knowledge of many types of healing and spiritual traditions, and his experience with integrating this knowledge into a powerful practice. He is very gifted in leading Iboga ceremonies and guiding participants on their journeys, and is creative and resourceful while adhering to a strong Bwiti tradition. Michael’s patience, sincerity, depth, and knowledge facilitate the process of uncovering one’s own inner truth and finding a genuine course for healing.


Hi Michael, Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to give you some feedback on our son and to share with you that others see this change. What I didn't share with you was that when we told my husband that our son was going to Canada - he was not supportive and thought it was "some crap they give you claiming it's an african root ". He didn't share it with our son but he thought this was a waste of time and money. Well , Michael, you will be happy to know that last night my husband apologized for being so judgemental. He saw our son and I interact and when i raised an issue, he responded calmly and firmly. In the past he would have exploded.  Later, my husband said - " that African stuff must work - he's a totally different person"

That's an apology in my books.
Just thought I'd let you know. Hugs

Feel free to use my message as a testimonial. We are truly grateful and believe you gave our son back to us. He has a long way to go but he has taken a giant leap

Grateful Mom.

What an unforgettable & memorable experience for my first iboga retreat. It's incredible to see Michael in this true essence.  His gift, that he shared with me, it was magical and I was in good hands felt safe at all times. Many old issues came up that I thought I cleared which clearly I did not & assisted me to heal them. This journey brought me peace within my mind body & soul. There was lots of love within the group.

Thank you once again.


I chose to work with Iboga to help mainly with generalized depression and anxiety and in order to get some perspective so I can live a better life.

I chose to work with Michael because of his extensive training and practical experience working with Iboga.  It was important to me that he works with the Bwiti tradition, and trains directly under a Bwiti Shaman and Healers in Gabon Africa.

Throughout the process I felt safe and protected. A lot of visions and insights came up for me about my life, my relationships, and most importantly- my relationship with myself. I could feel a lot happening physically as well, but it was not uncomfortable.

The two biggest things I noticed when I went back to my normal life after the retreat were 1) I felt free of anxiety for the first time in my life 2) I felt physically rejuvenated and comfortable in my own skin.

There have definitely been positive changes in my life since doing this work.  Also challenges that come with making changes.  Sometimes anxiety still comes up, but with greater self-awareness I am able to handle it better. The aftercare support and consultations have definitely helped.  I feel like the Iboga gave me a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ‘reboot’ that has helped me to move forward in life.