Our retreats offer an opportunity for guests to experience authentic Missoko Bwiti Ceremonies that help in the facilitating of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual healing, as well as help guests face truths, gain insights, and find deep grounding.

Healers are on staff to provide counsel and assistance during the entire process. The retreat often acts as a powerful reset, and catalyst for positive change and rapid transformation.


We currently focus our work at our full-time retreat centre in Cancun, Mexico. Here, in additional to our regular week-long psycho-spiritual programs, we can accommodate long-term stays. We work with on-team doctors, can provide full detox programs, and enjoy the benefit of the abundant, tropical climate, year round. Our centre is just a fifteen minute drive from the Cancun airport, located in a naturalized are with patches of jungle and old growth trees, yet within a ten minute drive to multiple local hospitals.

We do not have a full-time facility in Canada, but do offer sessions in Ontario periodically during the year. We work out of verified private retreat centres, in natural environments, with designated ceremony space.

If you feel called to go directly to Gabon to work with Iboga in its indigenous land and cultural context, we are happy to connect you with the community we work with there.


All retreats include: accommodations, meals, ceremonies and medicine, preparation counselling, traditional counselling throughout the session, aftercare / integration coaching after the session (When guests leave the facilities, the work does not stop.  Iboga continues to assist in providing insights. This is why we provide ongoing consulting and support for our guests after they leave the retreat).

We conduct intimate retreats ranging from 4 to 8 guests maximum per session. Our programs involve focused one-one-one work and individual attention before, during, and after the session.  Private and semi-private retreats are also available upon request.


Iboga is a powerful medicine that is not safe for everyone to work with. We request you complete our health assessment questionnaire, before we approve you for registration, and an EKG prior to the first ceremony. We provide you with preparation guidelines, and ongoing support / consulting leading up to your session.

Set-Up for Iboga Ceremony at an Ontario retreat. Ceremony starts after sun down.

some of the private guest rooms at our full-time centre in Mexico