Meet Michael DancingEagle, an esteemed Traditional Iboga Bwiti N’ganga (Healer) and the longest running active facilitator outside Gabon. As an Authority in Bwiti Healing, he’s not only a Traditional Counselor but also a Storyteller, Martial Artist, and Qi Gong practitioner. Michael honed his skills deep in the jungles of Gabon under his Mentor Moughenda, a 10th generation Nima/high shaman, who continues to guide him in his work across Canada and worldwide. Having undergone various Initiations, Rites of Passage, and extensive training, Michael has conducted and assisted in numerous ceremonies and healing retreats in Gabon, Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, and Canada. His personal journey, marked by overcoming trauma, abandonment, abuse, and addiction, allows him to empathize genuinely with his clients. On his healing path, Michael has gleaned wisdom from Buddhist Meditation practitioners, Tao traditionalists, Qigong & Tai Chi/Martial Arts Masters, and Traditional Indigenous teachers. He participates in Indigenous healing ceremonies, including Sweat Lodges, Vision Quests, Fastings, and has worked with other medicines like Peyote and Ayahuasca, enriching his cultural understanding. Michael’s down-to-earth, nurturing approach, coupled with his humor, wisdom, and extensive hands-on experience, creates a trustworthy and calming presence for guests. He hosts Iboga Bwiti Healing retreats and facilitates ceremonies in Canada, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, and the jungles of Gabon, Central West Africa. Additionally, Michael offers Missoko Bwiti Shamanic services internationally wherever Iboga is accepted. As a natural storyteller, Michael guides you through the profound teachings of Bwiti, sharing the transformative healing and growth experienced within the realms of this powerful medicine.